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Based on the 1976 Alan Parker film, BUGSY MALONE is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the gangster films of the 1920's. Parker had the idea for a gangster film starring an all child cast in 1973, but his idea was met with very little enthusiasm in Hollywood. Eventually, he was able to raise enough money to develop the project. He commissioned the legendary Paul Williams to compose the score, and auditioned over 10,000 children. The film starred an unknown Scott Baio as Bugsy and Jodie Foster as Tallulah.

In an era when movie musicals were considered a thing of the past, BUGSY MALONE was a surprise hit. Following the film's success, Parker was deluged with requests to develop a stage version. The first incarnation of the show premiered in the West End in 1983. The cast featured children, including a young Catherine Zeta-Jones as Tallulah, but had adults doing the singing offstage. In 1997, the National Youth Music Theatre production featured children doing all the singing, dancing, acting and custard throwing. It premiered at the Queens Theatre on November 21, 1997 and featured a cast of forty.



Liste des chansons

•I Could Have been Anything That I Wanted To Be
•Fat-Sam’s Grand Slam Speakeasy
•Bugsy Malone
•Bad Guys
•I’m Feeling Fine
•My Name Is Tallulah
•So You Wanna Be A Boxer
•Ordinary Fool
•Down & Out
•You Give A Little Love
•Chinese Laundry
•Double Chorus
•That’s Why They Call Him Dandy
•I’m Feeling Fine (reprise)
•Finale Act One: You Give A Little Love

Liste des rôles

Bugsy Malone (who also acts as occasional narrator)
Blousey Brown (his girl and would be Hollywood singer)
Fat Sam (gangland boss and speakeasy owner)
Dandy Dan (Fat Sam's rival)
Knuckles (Fat Sam's right hand man)
Fizzy (general factotum and singer)
Tallulah (speakeasy girl singer and Blousey's rival)
Leroy Smith (heavyweight boxing hopeful)

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