The show is a comedic Wild West rock musical about the founding of the Democratic Party. It redefines Andrew Jackson, America's seventh President, as an Emo rock star and focuses on populism, the Indian Removal Act, and his relationship with his wife Rachel.

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An irreverent Wild West musical about the founding of the modern Democratic Party. It redefines Andrew Jackson, America's 7th president, as an emo rock star, and focuses on populism, the Indian Removal Act and his relationship with his wife, Rachel.

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Based on the life, election and presidency of the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson.


1 Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson s'intéresse à un personnage historique important: Andrew Jackson (7ème président USA).


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World premiere )
Developed by New York-based experimental company Les Freres Corbusier, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson had workshop productions in August 2006 at the Williamstown Theatre Festival and in May 2007 at the New 42nd Street Studios, New York. It premiered in January 2008 in Los Angeles at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, produced by Center Theatre Group. The cast included Sebastian Arcelus, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Kevin Del Aguila, Darren Goldstein, Greg Hildreth, Jeff Hiller, Adam O'Byrne, Maria Elena Ramirez, Kate Roberts, Jeanine Serralles, Ben Steinfeld, Robbie Sublett, Ian Unterman, and Ben Walker. Robert Brill was the set designer, Jeff Croiter the lighting designer, Emily Rebholz the costume designer, Bart Fasbender the sound designer, and Jacob Pinholster the video designer. Kelly Devine was the choreographer and Gabriel Kahane the music director.[2][1]

New York premiere
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson opened in May 2009 at The Public Theater in New York in a concert version, and returned to run from March 23 (previews) to June 27, 2010.[3] The cast included River Alexander, David Axelrod, James Barry, Darren Goldstein, Greg Hildreth, Jeff Hiller, Lisa Joyce, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Bryce Pinkham, Maria Elena Ramirez, Kate Roberts, Ben Steinfeld, Ben Walker, and Colleen Werthmann. Scenic design was by Donyale Werle, lighting design by Justin Townsend, costume design by Emily Rebholz, and sound design by Bart Fasbender. Danny Mefford was the choreographer and Justin Levine was the music director.[4][5][6]

Broadway Premiere
The show premiered on Broadway at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, with previews starting on September 21, 2010 and opening night October 13, 2010. Many of the cast from the off-Broadway production reprised their roles, including Benjamin Walker in the title role, Maria Elena Ramirez, Jeff Hiller and Lucas Near-Verbrugghe.[7] Despite positive reviews and early Tony buzz, the musical closed on January 2, 2011, after 120 performances due to poor attendance.[8]

Critics blamed the poor economy during the show's run and its unorthodox story and presentation for the show's failure to build popularity. The show, which cost $4.5 million, "will close at a loss", according to The New York Times.[9]



Liste des chansons

Populism, Yea, Yea! – Company
I’m Not That Guy – Andrew Jackson
Illness As Metaphor – Andrew Jackson, Rachel, Monroe, & Male Soloist
I’m So That Guy – Andrew Jackson & Company
Ten Little Indians – Female Soloist, Rachel & Female Ensemble
The Corrupt Bargain – Female Ensemble (Toula, Elizabeth, & Naomi), John Calhoun, John Quincy Adams, & Henry Clay
Rock Star – Male Soloist, Andrew Jackson, & Company
The Great Compromise – Rachel, Male Soloist, & Monroe
Public Life – Andrew Jackson & Company
Crisis Averted – Male Soloist, Male Soloist, & Company
The Saddest Song – Andrew Jackson, Monroe, Black Fox, and Company
Second Nature – Male Soloist
The Hunters of Kentucky – Company

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1) 2010-03-Original Off-Broadway Cast

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