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In 1948 on the Windrush, sailing from the Caribbean to England, a pact is made by a group of men: there will be no sex, and no involvement with women for three years while they work to better themselves in their new world. But the four men (Ferdy, Bemie, Lennie, Dennis) are sitting on the steps beneath the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus when suddenly Eros springs to life, jumps down from his plinth and starts tap dancing, leading the cast into a rousing ska number. By the end of this dream sequence the four men have been joined by a quartet of extremely spunky women and the battle of the sexes begin. The show roams through a whole series of emotions - starting with the boarding-house signs which say “No blacks, No Irish, No dogs” - as the fun-loving Caribbean migrants strive for a better life in London. During scene changes, a Mrs Aphrodite, a prim Caribbean matron, sits in a box and comments on the action - superficially respectable but hilariously bawdy.


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