This musical is about show business, and the characters are typical of Broadway's glitter without being types. What is it that we're living for?", sing the impoverished "gypsies", the Broadway dancers, in Act 1 - and the answer? - "Applause, Applause". These lyrics state simply the motive of all the characters in the play; and this song is repeated periodically to remind us of the theme of the show.

Généralités: Histoire, thèmes et particularités


A la fin des années '60, Margo Channing est une star de Broadway. Mais, en secret, elle est parano au sujet de son âge. C'est alors qu'une jeune fille ambitieuse, Eve, débarque dans sa vie. Très vite, cette jeune fille admirative va devenir la plus grande ennemie de Margo et entrer en compétition avec elle. Eve devient l'understudy de Margo et décide de la sapper complètement afin qu'elle puisse jouer le rôle devant les critiques. A la fin, Eve est devenue une star et la carrière de Margo se fane. Cependant, Margo se rend compte qu'elle peut trouver encore le bonheur … auprès de l'homme qu'elle aime, Bill.

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"We soon realized that the strength of "All About Eve", so soundly conceived and executed on the screen, lay in the timelessness of its basic story. This story has a universal appeal and instant recognition which could be transferred to any period or locale and still retain its essential quality. It is a tale of treachery, the humble underling, subtly boring from within to unseat and usurp the figure of power on the throne, told in terms of the witty, glamorous theatre star and the mousy, adoring girl from the sticks who ingratiates herself into the star's private world, and then systematically attempts to take over her career, her lover and her life. " - Betty Comden and Adolph Green


Historique du musical


The musical is based on the screenplay for the classic Bette Davis film All About Eve and the original story by Mary Orr upon which the movie was based.

Génèse du musical

The Broadway production opened on March 30, 1970 at the Palace Theatre, and closed on July 27, 1972, after 896 performances and 4 previews. Directed and choreographed by Ron Field with the orchestrations of Philip J. Lang, the original cast included Lauren Bacall, Len Cariou, Penny Fuller, Bonnie Franklin, Lee Roy Reams, Robert Mandan, Brandon Maggart, Ann Williams, and Nicholas Dante.
When Bacall's contract was up in 1971, the producers initially decided to cast film legend Rita Hayworth as Margo. Hayworth was very interested and flew to New York to audition for the role. However, unbeknownst to anyone at the time, Hayworth was suffering from the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease and could not retain lyrics or dialogue. Ironically, Anne Baxter, who had portrayed Eve in the original film, replaced Bacall as Margo Channing. When Baxter departed the show in 1972, actress Arlene Dahl replaced her for one month before the show closed.
The musical was later adapted for television, starring Bacall, with Larry Hagman replacing Len Cariou in the role of Bill Sampson. It aired in the United States on CBS on March 19, 1973. It has not been released commercially, but it is available for viewing at the Paley Center for Media (formerly The Museum of Television & Radio) in New York City and Beverly Hills, California.
New York City Center's Encores! presented a new production of Applause February 7 to 10, 2008. It was directed by Kathleen Marshall and starred Christine Ebersole, Michael Park, Erin Davie, Megan Sikora, Mario Cantone, Tom Hewitt, Chip Zien, and Kate Burton.

Différents titres

All About Eve (source material)
Applause, Applause (working title)
Applause: The Musical All About Eve (1996 Tour title)
Make Believe (working title)
Welcome to the Theatre (working title)



Liste des chansons

Acte I
Backstage Babble
Think How It's Gonna Be
But Alive
The Best Night of My Life
Who's That Girl?
Hurry Back
Fasten Your Seat Belts
Welcome to the Theatre
Acte II
Inner Thoughts
Good Friends
The Best Night of My Life
She's No Longer a Gypsy
One of a Kind
One Hallowe'en
Something Greater

Liste des rôles

Margo Channing - a star actress
Bill Samson - her director and fiancé
Eve Harrington - an ambitious girl
Howard Benedict - a powerful producer
Karen Richards - Wife of ........
Buzz Richards - a playwright
Duane Fox - a flamboyant dresser
Bonnie - the lead female dancer

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