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Set in a travelling funfair, this is the story of the owner, Levi Lee, trying to come to terms with the loss of his wife while fighting off the attentions of Rosa, an over amorous gypsy future teller who foretells the danger and mysticism in his future. Levi also has to deal with his rebellious teenage son, Jack, who runs off with Alice, daughter of the East End gangster, Harvey. His other problems involve Slow Jonny, the sweet-natured simple boy he regards as a second son, and Druid, a psychopathic heavy. Dodgems and motorbikes, crafty cons and candy floss, fairground horses and fights, as well as unrequited love, romance and rock and roll bring out the carnival atmosphere in this world of fairground life


1 All the Fun of the Fair peut-être considéré comme un juke-box musical autour de la musique de David Essex


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A Winter's Tale - Rosa
All the Fun of the Fair - Levi and Company
He Noticed Me - Alice and Mary
Here We Are All Together - Company
Hold Me Close - Jack and Company
Pretty Thing - Jack and Alice
Rock On - Levi and Harvey
Me And My Girl (Nightclubbing) - Jack, Jonny and Company
Street Fight - Harvey and Druid
Gonna Make You a Star - Company
Father And Son - Levi and Jack
You're In My Heart - Levi, Rosa, Jack, Alice and Mary
Lamplight - Jack
Stay Young And Free - Harvey and Alice
She's Leaving - Jonny, Levi, Harvey and Company
If I Could - Jack and Alice
Dangerous - Levi, Mary and Company
Silver Dream Machine - Jack, Jonny and Levi
It's Gonna Be Alright - Levi
Here We Are All Together (Reprise) - Levi and Company

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