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001 Look to the Rainbow (West End Transfer)
Joué durant  1 mois - Apollo Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

Première preview: Inconnu
Première: mercredi 01 mai 1985
Dernière: sam. 01 juin 1985

Metteur en scène:
Robert Cushman •  
Dennis Grimaldi •  

Jack Gilford, Michael Cantwell, Isabelle Lucas, Mandy More, Barbara Rosenblatt, Simon Russell-Beale 


Transfer from The Kings Head Theatre 6 March 1985 to 16 March 1985.
A biographical revue of the lyricist E. Y. “Yip” Harburg who wrote the words for composers such as Vernon Duke, Jerome Kern, Harold Arlen and others. The show had a short run at the King’s Head and then transferred to the Apollo theatre. Though highly praised by the critics, it lasted just one month. It marked one of the earliest London appearances of Simon Russell-Beale.  (plus) 

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