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001  Bugsy Malone
Synopsis  Génèse  Liste chansons  
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Créé en 5/1983
Compos.: Paul Williams
Parolier: Paul Williams
Libret.: Mickey Dolenz


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001 Bugsy Malone (Original)
Joué durant  8 mois 3 semaines - Her Majesty's Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

300 représentations 

Première preview: Inconnu
Première: jeudi 26 mai 1983
Dernière: sam. 11 février 1984

Metteur en scène:
Mickey Dolenz •  
Gillian Gregory •  



Notes: This theatrical curiosity used an all-child cast to re-create the Alan Parker film, but instead of machine gun killings, the young people spray each other with splurge guns. The children handle the dialogue themselves, but then mime the songs to the off-stage singing of adults. The first Bugsy was played by Jeremy Gilley. The laws concerning performers under the age of 16 meant that the cast was constantly changing. While the show might possibly have had some value in youth companies and schools, the general view was that it had no business whatsoever to occupy a major West End theatre.  (plus) 

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