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001  City of Angel
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Créé en 12/1989
Compos.: Cy Coleman
Parolier: David Zippel
Libret.: Larry Gelbart


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001 A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum (Revival)
Joué durant  1 mois 1 semaine - Piccadilly Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

49 représentations 

Première preview: Inconnu
Première: vendredi 14 novembre 1986
Dernière: sam. 27 décembre 1986

Metteur en scène:
Larry Gelbart •  
George Martin •  

Frankie Howerd (Pseudolus), Patrick Cargill (Senex), Betty Benfield (Domina), Graeme Smith (Hero), Ronnie Stevens (Hysterium), Fred Evans (Marcus Lycus), Derek Royle (Erronius), Leon Greene (Miles Gloriosus), Lydia Watson (Philia), Max Cane (Protean), Richard Drabble (Protean), Chris Eyden (Protean), Julie and Tracy Collins (Geminae), Elizabeth Elvin (Gymnasia), Claire Lutter (Tintinnabula), Sharon Stephens (Vibrata), Billi Wylde (Panacea) 


This production transferred from Chichester where it had been an independent “guest” production. The Chichester management claimed they
had expected an entirely new production and not a “carbon-copy” of the original from 25 years ago, since fashions had changed. The London management blamed the flop on too much American competition in the London musical scene and pointed out that Chichester’s own in-house “Annie Get Your Gun” had also been a recent London flop.  (plus) 

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