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King's Head Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


In the last week of the Second World War, Peter Carter, a British airman, bales out over the Channel without a parachute, having previously made radio contact with June, an American girl at the base. He should have died. Perhaps he did. The divine authorities had their eye off the ball and did not record the event. Thus he is stuck in limbo, torn between going to Heaven or returning to earth with the girl. A Heavenly conductor is sent down to sort things out, appointing Abraham Farlan to prosecute on behalf of the laws of the Universe, and Doctor Reeves to defend, arguing that “Love is the Law”


Première Preview: lundi 21 novembre 1994
Première: lundi 21 novembre 1994
Dernière: dimanche 18 décembre 1994



Mise en scène:
Dan Crawford
Irvin Davies
Gary Cady (Peter Carter), Fiona Sinnott (June), Martin Connor (Conductor), Simon Clark (Abraham Farlan), Michael Medwin (Dr Reeves), Brogden Miller (Bob Trubshaw), Godfrey Kenton (Judge)



Based on the film “A Matter of Life and Death” by Michael Power and Emeric Pressburger which originally starred David Niven and Marius Goring, this show won the 1994 Vivian Ellis Best New Musical Award.

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