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Victoria Palace Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Première Preview: mercredi 16 juin 1999
Première: mardi 22 juin 1999
Dernière: samedi 04 septembre 1999



Mise en scène:
Mark Clements
Stephen Mear
Sharon Benson, Jacqui Boatswain, Sheila Ferguson, C. Gerod Harris, Danny John-Jules, Melanie E Marshall, Karen McSween, David Obinyan, Jason Pennycooke, Colin Roy, Vanessa Smith


THE EVENING STANDARD says, "Soul Train may be a lazy, ramshackle and short-lived excuse for a show, but the soul itself is immortal."

THE SUNDAY TIMES says "Uplifting party fare for anyone who keeps a copy of The Blues Brothers next to the home VCR."

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "I'm afraid Soul Train is just another bog-standard compilation show with none of the ingenuity of Mamma Mia!"

THE FINANCIAL TIMES says, "Even that shameless exercise in exploitation. The Blues Brothers stage show, has more plot than Soul Train.


Another “jukebox” musical with hardly any plot - this offered some 47 songs (or bits of songs) - and was ostensibly a dramatised history of soul music, starting with a church-type gospel choir who then rip off their cassocks to reveal sequinned dresses, and illustrate the story with video projections of the Ku Klux Klan and the Vietnam War. It was described as a “lazy, ramshackle and short-lived excuse for a show”, but a superbly sung and performed celebration of black music. It closed after just ten weeks.

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