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London Run - Londres - Angleterre


The hilarious tale of John Smith, a London black cab driver, who literally has two lives, complete with two different wives! Somehow, he manages to juggle them both without arousing suspicion until he gets caught up in a mugging, and he wakes up in a hospital which is where his unscruplous world starts to unravel and hilarity ensues.


Première Preview: vendredi 18 mars 1983
Première: mardi 29 mars 1983
Dernière: samedi 14 décembre 1991



Mise en scène:
Ray Cooney
The original cast featured Richard Briers as 'John Smith' and Bernard Cribbins as 'Stanley Gardener' with Carol Hawkins as 'Mary Smith', Helen Gill as 'Barabara Smith', Peter Blake as 'DS Troughton', Bill Pertwee as 'DS Porterhouse', Sam Cox as 'Reporter' and Royce Mills as 'Bobby Franklyn'. Subsequent cast members included Ray Cooney, James Bolam, Colin Baker, Terry Scott, Derek Fowlds, Ralph Bates, David McCallum, Una Stubbs, Ian Ogilvy, Eric Sykes, Brian Murphy, Derek Griffiths, Les Dawson, John Quayle, Lorraine Chase, Alfred Marks, Lionel Jeffries, Windsor Davies, Ron Aldridge, Gareth Hunt, Ian Talbot, Henry McGee, Jeffrey Holland and Paul Shane. Written and directed by Ray Cooney with designs by Douglas Heap and lighting by James Baird.


"This is British farce at its best. Fast, furious, daft and very funny. Don't try to work out the complications of the plot, just admire the superb comedy timing of Richard Briers and Bernard Cribbins. Briers plays taxi driver John Smith. He has two wives who live five miles apart, so he maintains a frantic shift system which enables him to divide his time equally between the two. Smith's bigamous life starts to fall apart when he is mistakenly hailed in the Press as a hero after a mugging incident. Trying to convince the police and his wives that there are really two taxi drivers called John Smith, has him dashing between his two homes concocting a spiral of lies. Bernard Cribbins is the innocent neighbour hauled in to bolster Smith's tall stories. Carol Hawkins and Helen Gill are the wives. If Briers manages to steer clear of stomach trouble — he eats a page of a newspaper a night — this farce could gallop on for years." The Daily Mirror


Previewed 18 March 1983, Opened 29 March 1983, Closed 10 December 1983 at the Shaftesbury Theatre
Transferred 12 December 1983, Closed 4 March 1989 at the Criterion Theatre
Transferred 6 March 1989, Closed 5 May 1990 at the Trafalgar Studio (Whitehall Theatre)
Transferred 15 May 1990, Closed 15 September 1990 at the Aldwych Theatre
Transferred 17 September 1990, Closed 14 December 1991 at the Duchess Theatre

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