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Old Vic - Londres - Angleterre


Set in a small village on the west coast of County Mayo, The Playboy of the Western World tells the story of lonely dreamer Christy Mahon who takes refuge in Michael Flaherty s pub, claiming that he has killed his oppressive father. Christy beguiles the locals with his tall and dramatic tale of bravery in the face of danger and becomes an instant hero. He both charms the village women including Widow Quinn and captures the heart of the landlord s fiery daughter Pegeen . However, when his tale turns out to be less straightforward than they first thought, the simmering violence of the villagers comes to light


Première Preview: samedi 17 septembre 2011
Première: mardi 27 septembre 2011
Dernière: samedi 26 novembre 2011



Mise en scène:
John Crowley
Robert Sheehan (Christy Mahon), Ruth Negga (Pegeen Mike), Niamh Cusack (Widow Quinn). Gwendolen Chatfield, Karen Cogan, John Cormack, Drew Dillon, Christopher Doyle, Diarmuid de Faoite, James Greene, Gr inne Keenan, Frank Laverty, Gary Lydon, Bronagh Taggart and Kevin Trainor



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