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Trafalgar Studios 2 - Londres - Angleterre


Things could not get any worse for Mitchell, who just lost his girlfriend, his apartment, and his job at the local Spork Factory. With nowhere to go, he answers an ad for a roommate and finds himself in a West Virginia countryside motel with JD, an affable hillbilly of mysterious origins. Soon JD’s neighbors – curmudgeonly Flip, meth-head Marlene, and her hot-headed boyfriend Tommy – have all but taken over the tiny room. When this zany group find themselves in a brief hostage situation, Mitchell must decide to save himself or join this dysfunctional family and let his freak-flag fly.


Première Preview: mardi 02 mai 2017
Première: mercredi 03 mai 2017
Dernière: samedi 03 juin 2017



Mise en scène:
Harry Burton
Keith Stevenson (J.D), Robert Moloney (Mitch), Alex Ferns (Tommy), Michael Wade (Flip), Melanie Gray (Marlene)



With a run of over six months at Pacific Rep Theatre in Los Angeles, Out There on Fried Meat Ridge Road is a hillbilly comedy with a heart of gold. Writer and actor Keith Stevenson, who originated the role of JD in Los Angeles, hails from Keyser, West Virginia, the hometown of the actual Fried Meat Ridge Road. Now, with Wildcard Theatre, he brings his brand of Americana to the Trafalgar Studios 2.

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