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Playhouse Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Kay Goodman is a fading star, subject to Gloria Swanson type illusions and to a Judy Garland like falling from grace. Her former reputation is such that up-and-coming wannabe a Frank Sinatra type , Buck Holden, thinks it worth playing her along with a romance. However, on the scene is young, rising star Dorothy Flynn, and Buck soon decides to hitch his star to the younger woman’s wagon.


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: mercredi 09 mars 1988
Dernière: Inconnu



Mise en scène:
Dennis Deal
Dennis Deal
Ruth Madoc (Kay Goodman), Philip Gould (Mitch Dupre), Kathryn Evans (Dorothy Flynn), Peter Bishop (Sal), Stuart Milligan (Buck Holden)



At pains to point out this was a loving “pastiche” of sounds and styles of the 1950s , created with seriousness, accuracy and care, and already something of a cult hit following its Los Angeles triumph - its composer-director-choreographer Dennis Deal received almost universal derision from the critics. Ruth Madoc and Kathryn Evans mostly impressed, as did the backing trio of male chorus - but the show itself came to a swift end.

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