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Leicester Square Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Lord Oliver Justin, a gambling, lying, cheating Peer of the Realm, known to his friends as “OJ” has a penchant for being spanked while wearing frilly knickers. He hires a hit-man to bump off his rich-bitch wife, Tiggy, so he can inherit, but his plans are scuppered by his vengeful butler and an actress. It was billed as a “musical-comedy-thriller”.


Première Preview: lundi 29 septembre 2003
Première: lundi 29 septembre 2003
Dernière: samedi 11 octobre 2003



Mise en scène:
Daniel Abineri
Michele Thorne
Peter Blake (Lord OJ), Sarah-Louise Young (Lady Tiggy), Gabrielle Noble (Rosie Kane), Camilla (Angel), Perry Benson (Perkins), Tony Kemp (Hugo), Rachel Lynes, Graham Martin, Josephine Buchan


"...Money to Burn is a shocker of a show by the actor Daniel Abineri... his lyrics and libretto are as dim as his chances of a box office success." The Daily Mail

"...This jaw-droppingly dreadful new musical... doesn't even make it into the cherished so-bad-it's-good category. Only at fleeting moments does its direness rise to the dizzy heights of sublimity... Daniel Abineri, who has Doth written and directed Money to Bum, confesses piognantly in a programme note that no fewer than 21 London producers turned the show down, yet one readily understands their reluctance... To his credit, Abineri has written some halfway decent tunes recalling the light music of the 1930s and '40s. But his crass lyrics, cack-handed plotting and dialogue that makes the Thunderbirds puppets sound like characters in Chekhov, ensure that the show goes down in a blushmaking orgy of embarrassment..." The Daily Telegraph

"London hasn't had one for a while, so in a way it's reassuring that a terrible musical has arrived in the West End. Connoisseurs of this sub-genre will be heartened to learn that Money to Bum is absolutely without merit. Yet elusive cult 'so-bad-it's-good' status is something of which it can only dream... Abineri aspires to satire, farce, kitsch and camp, but manages to miss each one by a staggering distance..." The London Evening Standard

'This subterranean space just off Leicester Square... plumbs the depths v/ith a show, written and directed by Daniel Abineri, that describes itself as a 'musical comedy thriller' and that manages to miss all three of its chosen targets..." The Guardian


The show opened on Thursday 9th October (following nine days of previews) with advance bookings being accepted up to mid January 2004. The following morning and evening the newspaper reviews appeared: “Musical-comedy-thriller? It misses all three targets”, “jaw-droppingly dreadful”, “makes Thunderbirds puppets sound like Chekhov”, “a stinker”, “lyrics of unrivalled awfulness”, etc. After the 6.30pm early show on the Saturday the company was told the show was ending there and then - they didn’t even play the 9.15pm show. This was one of the swiftest disasters for many years.

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