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Miss Atomic Bomb is inspired by the real life nuclear tests and beauty pageants of the era. Welcome to Las Vegas in 1952, where every mushroom cloud has a silver lining and fallout is your friend. Tourists are going nuts for nuclear, sipping cocktails by hotel pools while watching atomic blasts ignite the desert sky.


Première Preview: lundi 07 mars 2016
Première: lundi 14 mars 2016
Dernière: samedi 09 avril 2016



Mise en scène:
Bill Deamer • Adam Long
Catherine Tate, Dean John-Wilson, Daniel Boys, Florence Andrews, Simon Lipkin, Michelle Andrews, Stephane Anelli, Charles Brunton, Jessica Buckby, Cavin Cornwall, Olivia Fines, Ryan Gover, Alyn Hawke, Sion Lloyd, Suzie McAdam, Kirk Patterson and Sasi Strallen


Les critiques sont mauvaises:

"There’s a kernel of something potentially intelligent and interesting here, particularly on the themes of personal and political betrayal. But the show goes for a 1950s screwball comedy style and misses it not just by a mile but by an entire exclusion zone." Lyn Gardner for The Guardian

"Those with sophisticated tastes should probably run for the hills and not look back. But even though it’s overlong, I have to confess to experiencing a steady rumble of grudging admiration that often erupted into outright laughter." Dominic Cavendish The Telegraph

"It’s a slick show, with plenty of pizzazz and some fun performances – Florence Andrews is winning as Candy, Catherine Tate is absurdly OTT as her fashion-obsessed sidekick, and Simon Lipkin makes for an endearingly hapless hotel manager." Holly Williams for The Independent

"The cast strive to make it work, but they need more conventional weapons – and a plot capable of causing tremors." Patrick Marmion for The Daily Mail

"Too many plotlines compete for attention, and the quality of the songs is uneven. Some lyrics are appealingly silly, and Bill Deamer’s choreography has plenty of snap, but the zany likeability of the more emotionally charged scenes is overwhelmed by samey tunes and messy storytelling." Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard


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