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National Theatre - Dorfman Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Jack (Ian Holm) has a dark secret and only a few months to live. When his family gather for his daughter Anna's wedding, Jack, a passionate map collector, is forced to confront the map of his own life and finds its horizons to be limited. Research into his ancestry proves him to be related to an eighteenth-century cartographer and plantation owner, but Anna (Lia Williams), engaged to a black lawyer, is more interested to discover that they may also be descended from a slave... This intimate play explores the notion of Englishness, and follows the moving journey of a man coming to terms with the parameters of his life.


Première Preview: samedi 02 novembre 2002
Première: jeudi 07 novembre 2002
Dernière: vendredi 29 novembre 2002



Mise en scène:
Bill Alexander
Alun Armstrong (Jack) , Lia Williams (Anna), James Hayes (Father Ryan), Alibe Parsons (Portia), Patrick Robinson (Sholto), Tim McInnerny (Michael)


NICHOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STANDARD says, "Thoughtful and sardonically amusing play.....Alun Armstrong's tremendous, rending performance.." MICHAEL BILLINGTON for THE GUARDIAN says, "A humane, compassionate play that makes up in psychological perception what it lacks in external excitement." IAN JOHNS for THE TIMES says, "Low-key, bitty production....Stephenson’s play is a slow burner that fails to ignite." JANE EDWARDES for TIME OUT says, "Not as moving as it should be." PAUL TAYLOR for THE INDEPENDENT says, "Mappa Mundi leaves you feeling oddly disengaged." JOHN THAXTER for THE STAGE says, "Gently probing family drama."


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