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Lyric Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


It is 1981 and Nick and Jan move into a dilapidated San Francisco apartment and discover it is haunted by a 1920s chorus girl named Madeleine Marsh. Maddie died before she could fulfil her ambitions to become a star, so her ghost decides to take psychic possession of Jan, and seduce Nick. Every time Jan is allowed to return to herself, she finds her marriage disintegrating. Maddie is hell-bent on reaching stardom in her restored life and takes over Jan’s body not just for a romp with Nick, but chiefly to attend casting calls and auditions for TV commercials before disappearing back into the spirit world – on one occasion leaving Jan dressed up as a tomato. “She can’t keep popping in and out like this” says Jan in desperation, “I’m not a Holiday Inn!”. The plot is complicated by the presence of Cordelia van Arc, a randy old widow, and by the Cheyneys’ landlord, Al, now an old man, but back in the 20s, he happened to be Maddie’s boyfriend. Ultimately Al appeals to Maddie’s better self, and, being a good sport, she departs for good, leaving Nick and Jan to make a go of their marriage after all.


Première Preview: lundi 22 septembre 1997
Première: lundi 29 septembre 1997
Dernière: samedi 08 novembre 1997



Mise en scène:
Martin Connor
David Toguri • Jenny Arnold
Graham Bickley (Nick), Summer Rognlie (Jan/Maddie), Lynda Baron (Cordelia van Arc), Kevin Colson (AI), Beth Tuckey, Jon Rumney, Russell Wilcox, Michael A Elliott, Paddy Glynn, Louise Davidson, Nicola Filshie, Martin Parr.


NICHOLAS DE JONGH of the EVENING STANDARD echoes my thoughts, saying the show is " Balderdash, babble and baloney leading to a dead end" and goes on to say "It's a grim night."

PETER HEPPLE of THE STAGE thinks the same, describing the show as " lacking in wit" and "suffering an almost excruciatingly boring second half." Funnily enough I thought the second half was better than the first!! However, not all critics panned it.

JOHN PETER of THE SUNDAY TIMES says Maddie is " A real find"

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says "The piece still strikes me as a breath of fresh air in the West End."


Based on the novel “Marion’s Wall” by Jack Finney, and its film adaptation, “Maxie” with Glenn Close. The production was first staged at the Salisbury Playhouse, but it failed to find backing for a London transfer until the Daily Telegraph covered the story and more than a hundred of its readers became individual “angels”, raising some £150,000. It ran for six weeks and lost over half a million pounds.

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