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The Knight of the Burning Pestle is a play in five acts by Francis Beaumont, first performed in 1607 and first published in a quarto in 1613. It is the first whole parody (or pastiche) play in English. The play is a satire on chivalric romances in general, similar to Don Quixote, and a parody of Thomas Heywood's The Four Prentices of London and Thomas Dekker's The Shoemaker's Holiday. It breaks the fourth wall from its outset.

It is most likely that the play was written for the child actors at Blackfriars Theatre, where John Marston had previously had plays produced. In addition to the textual history testifying to a Blackfriars origin, there are multiple references within the text to Marston, to the actors as children (notably from the Citizen's Wife, who seems to recognise the actors from their school), and other indications that the performance took place in a house known for biting satire and sexual double entendre. Blackfriars specialised in satire, according to Andrew Gurr (quoted in Hattaway, ix), and Michael Hattaway suggests that the dissonance of the youth of the players and the gravity of their roles combined with the multiple internal references to holiday revels because the play had a Shrovetide or midsummer's day first production (Hattaway xxi and xiii). The play is certainly carnivalesque, but the date of the first performance is purely speculative. The second quarto publication came in 1635, with a third the same year. The play was omitted from the first Beaumont and Fletcher folio of 1647 but included in the second folio of 1679. The play was later widely thought to be the joint work of Beaumont and Fletcher.


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: jeudi 16 avril 1981
Dernière: Inconnu



Mise en scène:
Michael Bogdanov • Christopher G Sandford
Storry Malcolm (Barber), Woodvine John (Charles Merrythought), Hawkins Andrew (Client), Jason Neville (Customer 1), Gill Alan (Customer 2), Rashbrook Stephen (Dancing Boy), Hawkins Andrew (George Greengoose), Kempner Teddy (George Rafe's Friend), Kightley Timothy (George the Grocer), Wilmot Ronan (Host), Jason Neville (House Manager), Arrindell Clive (Jasper Merrythought), Brennan Frank (Jasper's Boy), Gutteridge Lucy (Luce Venturewell), Nesbitt Sally (Masseuse), Johnson Karl (Master Humphrey), Hurst Christopher (Merrythought's Boy), Fletcher Dexter (Michael Merrythought), Alexander Denyse (Milkmaid), Cosgrave Frankie (Milkmaid), Mole Juliette (Milkmaid), Nesbitt Sally (Milkmaid), Brennan Frank (Morris Dancer), Flintoff Ian (Morris Dancer), Gallivan Colum (Morris Dancer), Gill Alan (Morris Dancer), Hawkins Andrew (Morris Dancer), Jason Neville (Morris Dancer), Rashbrook Stephen (Morris Dancer), Storry Malcolm (Morris Dancer), Canning Heather (Mrs Merrythought), Courtenay Margaret (Nell), Cosgrave Frankie (Pompiona), Hawkins Andrew (Prologue), Spall Timothy (Rafe), Flintoff Ian (Secretary), Storry Malcolm (Sergeant), Mole Juliette (Singer), Gallivan Colum (Soldier 1), Jason Neville (Soldier 2), Wallace Kevin (Stage Manager), Gallivan Colum (Tapster), Brimble Nick (Tim), Meredith David Lloyd (Venturewell), Brennan Frank (Venturewell's Man), Flintoff Ian (Venturewell's Man), Gill Alan (Venturewell's Man), Hawkins Andrew (Venturewell's Man), Jason Neville (Venturewell's Man), Storry Malcolm (Venturewell's Man), Alexander Denyse (Venturewell'sServant), Flintoff Ian (William Hammerton)



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