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Young Vic Theatre - The Clare - Londres - Angleterre


Inspired by true stories from South Africa’s notorious Robben Island, the prison Nelson Mandela was held in for 27 years. John and Winston, imprisoned for their opposition to apartheid, rehearse a performance of Antigone for their cellmates. They share hopes and dreams, strengthening each other’s spirits in the face of brutal oppression. Then John’s sentence is reduced. He prepares to walk free. How will Winston survive without him?


Première Preview: jeudi 07 novembre 2013
Première: mardi 12 novembre 2013
Dernière: samedi 30 novembre 2013



Mise en scène:
Alex Brown



Alex Brown, winner of the JMK Award 2013: James Menzies-Kitchin was a theatre director of thrilling promise. The JMK Trust was founded in his memory to give practical learning opportunities to young theatre directors of similar ability and vision. The JMK Award allows one such director a year to stage their own production of a classic text.

The JMK Award is kindly supported by Philip Hooker, the Leverhulme Trust Arts Scholarships, the Martin Bowley Charitable Trust and all its individual donors.

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