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Ambassadors Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: jeudi 31 mai 1984
Dernière: samedi 16 juin 1984



Mise en scène:
Tony Craven
Sheila O'Neill
Patrick Ryecart (Jack Worthing), David Firth (Algernon), Judy Campbell (Lady Bracknell), Ruth Mayo (Gwendolen), Karen Lancaster (Cecily), Sheila Bernette (Miss Prism), Robert Doming (Dr Chasuble)



Oscar Wilde’s “Importance of Being Earnest”, had previously been adapted into a musical on several occasions, but never with any real success. This 1984 version by Sean O’Mahoney was the only one to date to reach the West End , though it only managed a very short run. Earlier attempts included “Found in a Handbag” (1957), with music by Allon Bacon, staged at Margate and “Half in Ernest” (1958), with music by Vivian Ellis which ended its pre-West End tour out of town (although it did get a later production in the USA). Other attempts included “Ernest in Time, or My Dark Gentleman” (1958) with music by John de Gray, staged at Canterbury, and “Ernest” (1959) with music by Malcolm Sircom, staged at Farnham. It was said the play is so perfect that the songs seemed like intrusions into the familiar and much-loved dialogue.

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