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Garrick Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Harlequinade: In this rarely seen comic gem, a classical theatre company attempts to produce The Winter’s Tale and Romeo and Juliet, while the intrigues and dalliances of the company members are accidently revealed with increasingly chaotic and hysterical consequences.
All On Her Own: A woman with a secret, alone at midnight in London has a burden to share that is at times both heart-breaking and sinister.


Première Preview: samedi 24 octobre 2015
Première: samedi 07 novembre 2015
Dernière: mercredi 13 janvier 2016


Critique de "Harlequinade - All On Her Own" (09 novembre 2015)
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Mise en scène:
Rob Ashford • Kenneth Branagh
Harlequinade: Kenneth Branagh (Arthur Gosport), Zoe Wanamaker (Dame Maud), Tom Bateman (Jack Wakefield), Jessie Buckley (Muriel Palmer), Jack Colgrave Hirst (Tom Palmer), Hadley Fraser (First Halberdier), Miranda Raison (Edna Selby), John Shrapnel (George Chudleigh), Kathryn Wilder (Joyce Langland), Jimmy Yuill (Mr Burton), John Dagleish
All On Her Own: Zoe Wanamaker


"Wanamaker, who, in the monologue All On Her Own, brings a brilliant, layered depth to the role of the newly widowed woman who hits the whisky and pay dirt as she talks to the departed husband who may or may not have killed himself." Paul Taylor for The Independent

"Harlequinade: It’s hardly major Rattigan but it shows actors delightedly sending up a happily vanished theatrical world. All On Her Own: Wanamaker, sprawled over a sofa in humiliating self-abasement, performs the piece with a soul-baring virtuosity that transcends the material and confirms that the Branagh season is devoted to actors." Michael Billington for The Guardian

"Harlequinade: Slight and appealingly silly piece. All On Her Own: [Zoë Wanamaker's] performance is at once fierce and melancholy — finely judged and genuinely sad." Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard


Harlequinade will play in repertory with The Winter's Tale. Part of The Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company Season

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