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Mermaid Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


A goldsmith has two apprentices, hard-working Golding and slap-dash Quicksilver. He also has two daughters, the modest Mildred and the vain Gertrude. Gertrude marries Sir Petronel Flash, a penniless conman who takes her dowry and then sneaks off to Virginia along with Quicksilver, who has robbed the goldsmith. Meantime Golding has married Mildred and risen to the rank of deputy alderman and magistrate. Quicksilver and Sir Petronel are shipwrecked on the Isle of Dogs, and are brought to court before Golding. After time in prison, where they repent of their schemes and dishonesty, Golding has them released.


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: mardi 07 juillet 1981
Dernière: samedi 15 août 1981



Mise en scène:
Robert Chetwynd
Charles Augins
Richard O’Brien (Quicksilver), Paul Whitman (Golding), Prue Clarke (Mildred), Anita Dobson (Gertrude), Philip Sayer (Sir Petronel Flash), Mark Rylance, Vivienne Ross, Susan Beagley, Belinda Sinclair, Hugh Futcher



This was a musical version of the Ben Jonson/George Chapman play set in the City of London and alongside the Thames in the 17th Century . With its almost formulaic pattern to earlier Mermaid musicals - lying, cheating, fornicating, stealing to the strains of loud music and over-the-top performances - this was a flop. It was the first show in the newly rebuilt Mermaid following major re-development, and sadly was the beginning of a downward turn in the Mermaid’s fortunes.

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