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National Theatre - Lyttelton Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


A flat in Ladbroke Grove, West London. 1952.
When Hester Collyer is found by her neighbours in the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt, the story of her tempestuous affair with a former RAF pilot and the breakdown of her marriage to a High Court judge begins to emerge.
With it comes a portrait of need, loneliness and long-repressed passion. Behind the fragile veneer of post-war civility burns a brutal sense of loss and longing.


Première Preview: mercredi 01 juin 2016
Première: mercredi 08 juin 2016
Dernière: mercredi 17 août 2016



Mise en scène:
Carrie Cracknell
Helen McCrory (Hester), James Alper, Marion Bailey, Katy Brittain, Tom Burke, Hubert Burton, Adetomiwa Edun, Elsie Fallon, Nick Figgis, Nick Fletcher, Yolanda Kettle, Andrew Lewis, Sally Oliver, Peter Sullivan


"On the play’s release in 1952, the Observer’s critic showed a warped sense of judgment when he declared that all Hester needed was a good slap. At the end of this open-hearted production, I wanted to give her (and indeed all of the cast) a reassuring hug." Ben Lawrence for The Telegraph

"Because the production is so good, I resented even more Peter Rice’s sound design, which, with its thundery rumbles and earth-shaking vibrations, suggested that this London rooming house was not so much occupied by Freddie Page as about to be menaced by Freddy from A Nightmare on Elm Street." Mark Lawson for The Guardian

"Helen McCrory is achingly good in this sombre, tense revival of one of Terence Rattigan’s finest plays... McCrory delivers one of the performances of the year. Rigorous and poised, she makes Hester fragile and big-hearted, wry and wise but in the end a vortex of irrepressible desire." Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard

"Rattigan’s portrait of a self-destructive sexual yearning that cannot be properly realised has resonances with his own secluded, secret sexual life. But here it also has an indisputable power of its own in this mesmerising story of human failing and McCrory provides a revelatory performance marred only by the occasional slip when first night jitters caused the cast to run over each other's lines a couple of times." Ben Dowell for Radio Times


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