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Aldwych Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


The Days of the Commune tells the story of the uprising and ultimate failure of the Paris Commune in 1871, a city council in France's capital which based its policies on socialism and proclaimed its right to rule over all of France. It held out for two months of counter-attack by the regular French army before its final defeat in May, 1871.
Brecht's account of the Commune is based on Norwegian playwright Nordahl Grieg's play The Defeat. In his adaptation, Brecht eschews a central protagonist, focusing instead on the Commune as characterised by the people in the street.

Ultimately, as in life, the Commune is defeated. But, as the editors write in their introduction: 'In his interpretation of the Paris Commune Brecht adhered closely to the 'classical' line established by Marx . . . that the outcome of the siege of Paris after the Franco-Prussian War could only have been different if the ruling class had been prepared to align themselves behind the National Guard, but that the French bourgeoisie were terrified at the thought of an armed labour force, and so initiated the betrayal of the French people by its government and the capitulation of Paris.'

The Days of the Commune was first performed in November, 1956, shortly after Brecht's death.


Première Preview: Inconnu
Première: mardi 01 novembre 1977
Dernière: Inconnu



Mise en scène:
Howard Davies
Whitehouse Christopher (Avrial), Viner Frances (Babette), Rooke Lynda (Baker's Wife), Lyon David (Bank Governor), Shelley Paul (Beslay), Molina Alfred (Bismarck), Birdsall Jesse (Boy), Fletcher Steve (Boy), Keenan Bryan (Boy), Grace Nickolas (Coco), Taylor Keith (Delescluze), Molina Alfred (Fat Gentleman), Tanner Leon (Favre), Gwilym Mike (Francois), Whitehouse Christopher (Fritz), Whitworth Paul (Gendarme), Lunghi Cherie (Genevieve), Begley Kim (Hippolyte), Hicks Greg (Jean), McKellen Ian (Langevin), Molina Alfred (Mayor 1), Lyon David (Mayor 2), Tanner Leon (Mayor 3), Taylor Keith (Mayor 4), Kean Marie (Mme Cabet), Bown John (Officer), Peck Bob (Papa), Howey David (Philippe), Molina Alfred (Priest), Moriarty Paul (Prologue 1), Lyon David (Prologue 2), Bown John (Ranvier), McDiarmid Ian (Rigault), Begley Kim (Sentry), Cody Alan (Sentry), Begley Kim (Sergeant), Begley Kim (Soldier), Cody Alan (Soldier), Whitehouse Christopher (Soldier), Whitworth Paul (Soldier), Griffiths Richard Thomas (Thiers), Moriarty Paul (Varlin), Whitworth Paul (Vermorel), Cody Alan (Waiter), Dionisotti Paola (Woman 1), Ashcroft Margaret (Woman 2), Wax Ruby (Woman 3), Alexander Denyse (Woman 4), Dionisotti Paola (Woman of the People)



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