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Apollo Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Set in the plantation home of Big Daddy in the heart of the Mississippi Delta during the 1950s, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof follows ex-sportsman Brick who has become an alcoholic following the death of his best friend Skipper. Physically estranged from his beautiful wife Maggie 'the cat', he spends most of his time locked in his room depressed and riddled with anxiety. Maggie's desperation to have a child becomes accentuated as it is revealed that Big Daddy is dying of cancer, and whilst the rest of the family flock round him eager to solidify their inheritance, Maggie's frustration at the lack of children and grandchildren to offer Big Daddy and Big Mamma grows. As questions are raised over the relationship between Brick and Skipper, family tensions boil over as Big Daddy sees his estate being divided from under him, calling out their 'mendacity' and attempting to reconcile with his son Brick. An intense and rewarding play about family values.


Première Preview: jeudi 13 juillet 2017
Première: lundi 24 juillet 2017
Dernière: samedi 07 octobre 2017



Mise en scène:
Benedict Andrews
Sienna Miller (Maggie), Jack O'Connell (Brick)



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