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A northerner called Jude comes to London in search of fame, and ends up living with Lady Jane, an aristocrat who has deserted her wealthy background for a squat in Carnaby Street. She overdoses on heroin and dies, and their child is taken into care. Aided by Jumpin’ Jack, his Cockney rock’n’roll manager, Jude goes on to hit the big time, having worked his way through sexual adventures with Mars bars and seedy gigs with such performers as drag artiste, Lily the Pink, and blues singer Ruby Tuesday. Jude ends up in the 1990s wrapped sexily around a girl from a pop group called Rock Bottom, only to discover that she is his long-lost daughter.


Première Preview: mercredi 06 août 1997
Première: jeudi 07 août 1997
Dernière: samedi 23 août 1997



Mise en scène:
Terry John Bates
Richard Whennel
Kevin Curtin (Jude), Michelle Connolly (Lady Jane), Richard Shelton (Jumpin’ Jack), Danny Edwards (Lily the Pink), Gina Murray (Ruby Tuesday), Elizabeth Price (Rock Bottom)



Tacky, depressing, poor singing, over-amplified and incoherent sound, dreadful lyrics, monotonous music and dire choreography, merely a string of third rate songs (27 of them) played by a competent band and performed by an incompetent bunch of actors - these were just some of the words used by the critics. “Carnaby Street is certainly far out - though not far enough for my liking”.

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