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Almeida Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Première Preview: mardi 05 octobre 2004
Première: mardi 05 octobre 2004
Dernière: samedi 13 novembre 2004



Mise en scène:
Michael Attenborough
Karen Bruce
Michael Jibson (Pinkie), Sophia Ragavelas (Rose), Nicholas Lumley (FredHale), Harriet Thorpe (Ida Arnold), David Burt, Neil McCaul, Paul Bentall, Corinna Powlesland, Gary Milner



Graham Greene’s 1938 novel was adapted into a play and then the famous 1947 film starring Richard Attenborough as Pinkie. Although ostensibly an underworld thriller, the story has an underlying challenge to Roman Catholic doctrine concerning the nature of sin and the basis of morality. Pinkie and Rose are Catholics, as was Greene, and their beliefs are contrasted with Ida's strong but non-religious moral sensibility. This musical version was directed by Richard Attenborough’s son, Michael, with music by the great film-score composer, John Barry and lyrics by Don Black. It was, however, a flop, with a general consensus that uninspired music and lyrics added nothing to a dark, disturbing and complex morality tale.

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