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Savoy Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Roddy is a wannabe rock singer with a pregnant girlfriend, Debs, and with a roving eye for Lorraine - who is going out with Spencer, the dope-dealing slap-head band-leader at the Boogie Nights disco. Roddy’s life is further complicated by his Elvis-loving, obstreperous, Irish Dad, Eamon, and his thick, sex-starved mate, Terry. It all turns out happily and any plot is nothing more than an excuse for a whole evening of “rose-tinted nostalgia with more flares than flair”.


Première Preview: vendredi 16 octobre 1998
Première: mardi 20 octobre 1998
Dernière: samedi 09 janvier 1999



Mise en scène:
Jon Conway
Alan Harding
Shane Richie (Roddy), Lisa Maxwell (Debs), Sharon Benson (Lorraine), Peter Piper (Spencer), Nicholas Denney (Eamon), Steven Serlin (Terry), Jane Doyle, Mark Thrippleton, Ian Royce, John Blackman, Jo Redbum, Simon Smith.



This was a touring production which had originated at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley, and was playing a limited season in the West End. It received very mixed notices: “the most dismal of my theatregoing experiences”, “a blatant rip-off’, “pleasantly terrible, weirdly wonderful”, “sends us home on a nine-mile high”. The critics generally liked Shane Richie, but were unanimous in their praise for the young chorus boy-dancer, Simon Smith, saying he was the best thing in the show.

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