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Criterion Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


In 1934 Berlin on the eve of the Nazi incursion, Max, a grifter and his lover Rudy are recovering from a night of debauchery with a SA trooper. Two soldiers burst into the apartment and slit their guest's throat, beginning a nightmare odyssey through Nazi Germany. Ranked lower on the human scale than Jews, the men as awoved homosexuals, flee. Desperate and on the run, Max asks his own "discreetly" homosexual Uncle Freddie for help as the older man offers little more than suggestions on how to live, as he does, practicing homosexuality on the side. Attempting their escape, Rudy is beaten to death as Horst, another homosexual prisoner, warns Max to deny his lover. Taken to a death camp at Dachau, Max and Horst branded with the "pink triangle", hope to survive with each other for comfort and courage but it is not to be.


Première Preview: mercredi 04 juillet 1979
Première: mercredi 04 juillet 1979
Dernière: Inconnu



Mise en scène:
Robert Chetwynd
Ian McKellan, Tom Bell, Peter Cellier, Richard Gale, Jeremy Arnold, Roger Dean, John Francis, Ken Shorter, Terence Suffolk, Haydn Wood, Jeff Rawle



Bent was first presented at the Royal Court Theatre in London, England, on May 3, 1979. It was directed by Robrt Chetwyn. The play subsequently transferred to London's West End at the Criterion Theatre on July 4, 1979. The play premiered on Broadway at the New Apollo Theatre in New York City on December 2, 1979. It was directed by Robert Allan Ackerman.

Named among the "10 most influential postwar British plays" by Guardian UK!

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