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Apollo Theatre - Londres - Angleterre


Three years since the report of his disappearance in action, the Kellers are still waiting, hoping against hope for news of their son's return. Three years of waiting, and their younger son struggles to break the news to his mother and father that he is in love with the girl his brother left behind. Three lives are on hold, until they can finally accept that Laurie may never return. Events come to a head one evening, when Annie returns to her home town and forces the Keller family to confront their hidden past, their own culpability and the awful part they may have played in their son's demise. Powerful, passionate and frighteningly relevant, All My Sons, brought Arthur Miller his first major success as a playwright. This moving, tragic drama is a compelling tale of the ideological conflict between father and son, a merciless exposure of wartime profiteering and the American Dream.


Première Preview: mercredi 19 mai 2010
Première: jeudi 27 mai 2010
Dernière: samedi 02 octobre 2010



Mise en scène:
Howard Davies
David Suchet (Keller), Zoe Wanamaker (Kate), Stephen Campbell Moore (Chris), Daniel Lapaine (George Deever), Jemima Rooper (Ann Deever)



Director Howard Davies previously won a Laurence Olivier Award for his 2000 production of All My Sons, which was staged at the National Theatre.

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