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Time tells the story of the Rock Star named Chris Wilder (Cliff Richard, later by David Cassidy) who has been transported, with backup singers Louise, Babs and Carol, from his concert on Earth to the High Court of the Universe. There they face three other-worldly judges to defend the Earth in the case of the Time Lord vs. the people of the planet Earth.

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Acte I
Time Talkin'
Born to Rock 'n' Roll
Music of the Spheres
Law of the Universe
The Time Lord Theme
The Charge
One Human Family
What On Earth (moved to here from second song of Act II at cast change in 1987)
Your Brother in Soul
Case for the Prosecution
Time Will Teach Us All
If You Only Knew
I Object
In My Defence

Act II
Within My World (added to opening of Act II at cast change in 1987)
Move the Judge
What on Earth (removed from Act II in 1987)
I Don't Like You
She's So Beautiful
We're the UFO
The Theme from Time
The Return
Time (Reprise)
It's in Everyone of Us

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Version 1

Time (1986-04-Dominion Theatre-London) (Original)
Durée : 2 ans 1 semaine
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : mercredi 09 avril 1986
Dernière : samedi 16 avril 1988
Mise en scène : Larry Fuller
Chorégraphie : Larry Fuller
Avec : Cliff Richard (Chris Wilder), Jodie Wilson (Louise), Dawn Hope (Babs), Maria Ventura (Carol), Jeff Shankley (Melchissedic, the Time Lord), Dilys Watling (Judge Morqua), Bernard Lloyd (Judge Trigon),
David Timson (Judge Lagus), Laurence Olivier (Akash, the Ultimate Word in Truth - a Hologram)
Commentaires :
This show had cost a staggering £4 million and embraced a circular stage that tilted upwards into the vertical plane, and contained batteries of lights, stroboscopes and lasers turning the whole auditorium into a “sensuround galaxy”.
The sound-system was intended to set all the seats vibrating to simulate the lift-off of a rocket into outer-space.
Laurence Olivier appeared as a hologram inside a giant floating egg which opened at various intervals to comment upon the need for Truth.
After the first year the Cliff Richard role was taken over by David Cassidy, and then later by David Ian.
The show ran for two years but failed to break even because of its huge running costs. Following a dispute between the owners of the Dominion Theatre and Dave Clarke the show suddenly closed in April 1988 even though there were advance ticket sales for the following six months. Refunds were given.
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