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In Chicago in the 1930s a group of small-time unemployed African-American men plan to rob a pawn shop. Their leader, Charlie, is a former boxer. But the hapless would-be thieves run into many obstacles along the way.


1 Big Deal peut-être considéré comme un Flop musical


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Act 1
Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries – Lilly
(Music and lyrics by Lew Brown and Ray Henderson)
For No Good Reason At All – Narrators
(Music and lyrics by Samuel M. Lewis, Abel Baer and Joseph Young)
Charley, My Boy – Charley
(Music and lyrics by Ted Fiorito and Gus Kahn)
I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin' – Kokomo, Charley, Judge and Narrators
(Music and lyrics by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed)
Ain't We Got Fun? – Prisoners
(Lyrics by Kahn and Raymond B. Egan; music by Richard A. Whiting)
For No Good Reason At All (Reprise) – Narrators and Dancers
(Music and lyrics by Lewis, Baer and Young)
Chicago – Narrators (Music and lyrics by Fred Fisher)
Pick Yourself Up – Charley, Willie, Slick, Sunnyboy and Otis
(Lyrics By Dorothy Fields; music By Jerome Kern)
I'm Just Wild About Harry – Lilly
(Music and lyrics by Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle)
Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar – Bandleader, Band and Dancers
(Music and lyrics by Don Raye, Hughie Prince and Eleanor Sheehy)
The Music Goes 'Round and 'Round – Bandleader and Band
(Music and lyrics by Edward Farley, Red Hodgson and Michael Riley)
Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries (Reprise) – Lilly

Act II
Now's the Time to Fall in Love – Narrators and Dancers
(Music and lyrics by Al Sherman and Al Lewis)
Ain't She Sweet – Sunnyboy, Phoebe, Narrators and Dancers
(Lyrics by Jack Yellen; music by Milton Ager)
Everybody Loves My Baby – Willie and Narrators
(Music and lyrics by Jack Palmer and Spencer Williams)
Me and My Shadow – Dancin' Dan and Shadows
(Lyrics by Billy Rose, music by Al Jolson and Dave Dreyer)
Love Is Just Around the Corner – Narrators
(Lyrics by Leo Robin; music by Lewis E. Gensler))
Just a Gigolo – Bandleader and Charley
(Julius Brammer and English lyrics by Irving Caesar; music by Lionello Casucci)
Who's Your Little Who-zis? – Bandleader and Band Singer
(Lyrics by Walter Hirsch; music by Hal Goering and Ben Bernie)
Yes Sir, That's My Baby – Charley
(Lyrics by Kahn; music By Walter Donaldson)
Button Up Your Overcoat – Lilly
(Music and lyrics by Henderson, Brown and Bud G. DeSylva)
Daddy, You've Been a Mother to Me – Willie and Little Willie
(Music and lyrics by Fred Fisher)
Hold Tight, Hold Tight – Otis and Ladies (Music and lyrics by Leonard Ware, Willie Spottswood, Edward Robinson, Ben Smith and Sidney Bechet)
Happy Days Are Here Again – Slick, Phoebe, Sunnyboy and Company
(Lyrics by Jack Yellen; music by Milton Ager)
I'm Sitting On Top of the World – Charley and Company
(Music and lyrics by Henderson, Young and Samuel M. Lewis)
Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries (Reprise) – Lilly
(Music and lyrics by Brown and Henderson)

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Version 1

Big Deal (1986-04-Broadway Theatre-Broadway) (Original)
Durée : 1 mois 4 semaines
Nombre : 8 previews - 70 représentations
Première Preview : mardi 01 avril 1986
Première : jeudi 10 avril 1986
Dernière : dimanche 08 juin 1986
Mise en scène : Bob Fosse
Chorégraphie : Bob Fosse
Avec : Cleavant Derricks (Charley), Loretta Devine (Lilly), Wayne Cilento, Cady Huffman, Valarie Pettiford, Stephanie Pope.
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